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Meenakshinatha Pillai

I have a deep understanding of the markets, analytical skills, and have a passion of finance and pro active. We know the risk and return drives almost every aspect of financial plan can analyse and plan portfolio in the context of strategic asset allocation, tractical asset allocation and draw down. Advice clients on decesions related to wealth management and personal finance.

I am specialised in Insurance field and with my 20 year experience in this field I have helped many clients to have a luxurios retirement life, helped many families to have their children higher education with education plan, marriage plan and help you with time line attachment savings plan and whole life term insurance.

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The First Step to Paying Off Debt is to make a list of everything you owe.

5 Types of Money Personalities are :

1. Investors
2. Savers
3. Spenders
4. Debtors
5. Buyers

Create a List of each debt howmuch it is and its current interest rate.
Once you have your list completed, you can figure out a plan to pay off your debts – or drastically reduce them – over the next 12 months.

Do you have Debts Comment below

By Understanding how to spend you money, you will free up more time and energy for other things in life. This way, not only will you save a lot of cash, but you will also be able to enjoy yourself because there are so many great opportunities out there.

Debt is the root of all evils Never get into debts Debt will grow

Pension Plans

Pension plans are one of the most sought after investment options that have gained huge popularity over the period.


LIC pension plan for retirement is the best pension plan for the investor who needs immediate annuity.You can start availing the benefits of this plan immediately after purchasing the plan. The plan offers annuity payments in different frequencies like monthly, quarterly, halfyearly and annually.


  • The premium is paid in a lumpsum. You can get the pension monthly, quarterly,halfyearly,and annually.
  • There is no maximum limit for annuity or price and is also taxfree.
  • There is a deferred annuity plan and for which you will get pension at an increased rate according to deferement period.The other one is you start early and get life long pension and return of corpus after your death.The fund will grow even if you receive pension and also tax free.

Children's Education Plan

Save money, earn intrest and paid out at the age of 18.

Borrow money at the age of 18 and pay intrest and loose peace of mind.

Which will you choose.

Education —definite period and can’t defer.

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